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About us

Air Liquide Electronics Systems

We are your partner for all your fluid distribution needs

With 40 years of expertise in electronics equipment and installations, Air Liquide Electronics Systems (ALES), a company located in the French Alps (Echirolles), has developed a complete range of innovative fluid distribution equipment designed to meet the needs of the electronics industry, laboratories, and other industrial markets.

Being focused on customer satisfaction, we collaborate with them from the design stage to product commissioning. Our diverse products and services include gas & chemical distribution equipment, gas abatement solutions, conditioning systems, equipment supervision and gas detection management. Air Liquide Electronics Systems is a wholly owned subsidiary of Air Liquide, part of the Global Markets & Technologies World Business Unit.

Our purpose

Our main purpose is to be a global benchmark manufacturer for fluid distribution equipment.

Our values

Air Liquide Electronics Systems’ goal is to provide its customers with highly reliable, innovative and efficient products and services.

Our values define who we are and how we behave. We are committed to respecting and promoting the following values within our company in order to achieve our goal

  • Safety:
    We care about the health and safety of your staff and the people who use our products worldwide. Safety is our licence to operate.

  • Ethics:
    Integrity, transparency and compliance with all applicable regulations worldwide through constant questioning, and rigorous management shape our behavior and our actions.

  • Customer satisfaction:
    We are a close partner to our customers (before, during and after installation) to enable them to use our solutions efficiently.

  • Innovation:
    We continually listen to our customers to bring them innovative and competitive technologies and services and anticipate our customers’ evolving needs through constant improvement and innovation.

  • Quality and performance:
    Our professionalism and expertise guarantee the quality, reliability and performance of our products and services.

  • Engagement:
    We rely on the competence, engagement, empowerment and motivation of our staff to meet our customers’ needs. We promote collaborative work and knowledge-sharing.

We serve your market

Air Liquide Electronics Systems provides complete, secure, and reliable solutions for the following applications:

  • Semiconductors for the electronics industries
  • LEDs
  • Fiber optics
  • Flat panel displays
  • Photovoltaics
  • Energy storage
  • Public and private research & development centers, laboratories, testing services, and universities
  • High-voltage 

Air Liquide Electronics Systems key figures

30 countries

220 customers

10,000 chemical systems installed

15,000 gas cabinets installed

Index égalité femmes-hommes

Pour Air Liquide Electronics Systems, l'index de l'égalité professionnelle est de 94/100 pour l'année 2023.

L'index se décompose de la manière suivante :

  • L’écart de rémunération entre les femmes et les hommes : 39/40
  • L’écart de répartition des augmentations individuelles entre les femmes et les hommes : 35/35
  • Le nombre de salariées augmentées à leur retour de congé de maternité : 15/15
  • La parité parmi les 10 plus hautes rémunérations : 5/10

La politique salariale d’Air Liquide repose sur 3 critères : la performance, les responsabilités dans le poste occupé et les marchés externes des rémunérations. Elle ne repose pas sur le genre.

Représentation entre les femmes et les hommes parmi les cadres dirigeants et les membres de l'instance dirigeante

Dans le cadre des objectifs de développement durable, Air Liquide a pour ambition d’AGIR en confiance en s’engageant auprès des collaborateurs. Parmi ces objectifs de développement durable, Air Liquide poursuit un dessein ambitieux de mixité visant à atteindre 25 % de femmes dans les plus hauts niveaux de responsabilité (cadres dirigeants) à horizon 2025, sur l'ensemble du Groupe.

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