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Our equipment

Discover a complete range of innovative fluid distribution equipment designed to meet the needs of the electronics industry, laboratories, and other industrial markets.

Chemical distribution equipment

For chemical fluids management, Air Liquide has a wide and configurable ranges of liquid distribution and blending systems.

  • Chemical dispense systems are used to move chemicals from one place to another, and are the backbone of all wet processes in the fab.
  • Chemical blend systems dilute concentrated chemical or create blends of two or more constituents.
  • Slurry blending and distribution systems perform the same basic functions as chemical dispense systems but they have additional functionalities such as blending and monitoring.

Gas distribution equipment

Air Liquide has a wide range of gas distribution equipment to distribute any type of gas from any type of gas source. We mix or deliver all types of fluids, from corrosive, toxic, flammable and inert fluids to ultra-high-purity and industrial-grade fluids. You can rely on our equipment that is designed to distribute gases safely and reliably, while ensuring a continuous supply at all times to meet your own needs.

Our gas cabinets range from fully manual with a single panel to those with fully automatic purge sequences for cylinder change-out, and automated switching between redundant panels. The latter equipment is capable of delivering an uninterrupted supply of process gas. We also offer an advanced, patented solution to distribute the highest possible flows of low vapor pressure liquefied gases.

Gas homogenization, filling and recovery equipment

Air Liquide had developed a wide range of mobile units for vaporization to handle new eco-friendly gas mixtures for mixing, filling and gas recovery

We support your process through the life cycle of your of your gas insulated High Voltage equipment, from liquefied mixtures to pressurized mixtures management. Air Liquide's equipment features a proven technology that ensures the perfect homogenization of your gas mixtures.