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For continuous, high-accuracy and high-flow-rate gas mixtures generation

Gas mixers

For continuous, high-accuracy and high-flow-rate gas mixtures generation

We offer dynamic, automatic, and on-site gas mixtures generation units. The on-demand mixing of gases available on site improves supply chain efficiency and drastically reduces cylinder turn-over.
Automatic, on-site gas mixture generation unit
Gas Mixers

Forming gas mixer

Generates and continuously analyzes high-accuracy forming gas mixtures: hydrogen (H2), nitrogen (N2), oxygen (O2), helium (He), argon (Ar).

Forming gas mixer for the electronics industry

Forming gas mixer

PDF - 376.76 KB

Doping Gas Mixer

Generates and continuously analyzes doping gas mixtures from pure or diluted doping gases: diborane (B2H6), germane (GeH4), phosphine (Ph3), etc.

doping gas mixers for electronics

Doping gas mixer

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  • Safety: Less manual cylinder handling
  • Cost savings: no transport, no material handling, no cylinders changeover operations, etc.
  • Highly reliable with permanent mixture monitoring; the generated mixture’s concentration is continuously monitored by a gas analyzer
  • Economical: on-demand production
  • Time-saving: Increased user tool availability by eliminating recalibration with auto-calibration gas cabinet
  • Efficiency: Continuous gas mixture supply on site with a flow rate of up to 300 slpm for forming gas mixers and 30 slpm for doping gas mixers
  • Accuracy: Better reproducibility and process stability compared to cylinder supply; down to 1% RSD (Relative Standard Deviation) for forming gas mixers and 100 ppm for doping gas mixers.


  • Mass flow meter on outlet
  • Closed loop control for improved accuracy
  • Quality Check Valve
  • Dual power supply