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Semiconductors, semiconductor chips, and integrated circuits are everywhere in electronic devices, from the processors found inside smartphones or computers to memory chips and image sensors. As electronic devices proliferate, the companies that make semiconductors continue to grow. In fact, they are among the most successful companies in the world, thanks to growing demand for semiconductors allowing innovation and connectivity worldwide.

We accompany semiconductor industries in their constant strive for innovation to produce smaller, more powerful, and better quality semiconductor chips. For over 40 years, Air Liquide has supported its customers in electronics and optoelectronics all over the world through the provision of cutting-edge technologies and fluid distribution equipment.

We tailor our solutions to your needs, which allows us to guarantee your satisfaction with respect to the safety, quality, reliability, performance, and innovativeness of our electronics equipment and services.

  • Purity: All our piping assemblies are rigorously manufactured in white rooms by our teams’ experts to control contamination and particles, and to provide you with the highest level of purity.
  • Reliability of distribution: All our equipment is designed for continuous fluids distribution, 24  hours/day and 7 days/week. MTBF (mean time between failure) is very high on all our equipment, ensuring high levels of reliability and efficiency in all circumstances.
  • High performance: We are continuously working on our systems’ performance to give you the most efficient solutions.
  • Innovation and evolutivity: Our dedicated R&D department focuses on innovation. We develop new solutions to anticipate your needs, and we are able to offer you unique, tailor-made solutions.

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