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Online & batch blenders

FabChem™ DIL
Allowing blending of DI-water (deionized water) and chemical fluids (dilution) such as TMAH (Tetramethylammonium hydroxide), HF (hydrogen fluoride), NH4OH (ammonia solution) directly on-site. This range offers significant recipe flexibility and has been developed for semiconductor blending applications.

Air Liquide offers a configurable range of chemical blenders. Highly reliable and accurate chemical blending equipment with a continuous supply for all semiconductor blending applications (base-line). Types of chemicals blended : TMAH, HF, NH4OH, ...There are two system configurations :

  • FabChem DIL Online: An online flow-control blend system to mix chemical fluids with DI-water
  • FabChem DIL Batch: A weight-based batch blend system to mix chemical fluids with DI-water

Both FabChem™ DIL technologies are designed and patented to offer the reliability, capacity and accuracy required for semiconductor chemical blending applications. Several tests have been made to insure you the best reliability of our blending systems and the best accuracy of our mixtures. 


  • A flexible range: highly configurable equipment according to your needs
  • Reliable performance : blend capacity and accuracy suitable for high-volume semiconductor manufacturing settings 
  • High accuracy: with various metrology options (automatic dosing and blend correction)
  • Designed for easy maintenance access
  • Design and component selection based on more than 25 years of chemical management experience 


We propose our chemical blending solutions for semiconductor industries.

Safety features

  • Cabinet leak detection 
  • Door interlocks 
  • DIW or N2 spray guns
  • CDA-purged electrical compartment
  • FMEA analysis
  • Fail-safe automatic operation 
  • Audible and visual warnings and alarms
  •  Local and remote EMO

1 - FabChem™ On-line blender

Air Liquide’s FabChem™ On-line blender dilution is a flexible chemical blending system allowing a large panel of precise chemical mixtures with dynamic recipe changes possibilities. This equipment is a high-volume chemical blending system suitable for standard applications such as TMAH (Tetramethylammonium hydroxide) dilution. A patented flow control blend technology and real-time control are used to blend precisely chemicals with DI-water (deionized water), at high production rates and user-specified ratio. Concentrated chemicals, coming from drums, are injected into DI-water stream. Static mixers and inline metrology ensure a perfect homogenized blend of the chemical with DI-water.

Technical features 

  • Chemical grade :S²LSI/S³LSI
  • Blend production up to : 50 000 liters/ day
  • Mixture concentration continuously monitored by conductivity sensors and automatically adjusted by a control loop 
  • Typical relative blend accuracy : 0,1 % to 1 % (depending on chemical and blend ratio)
  • High blending flow rates : 20 to 40 liters / min
  • Uptime > 99,9 % 
  • MTBF > 5000 hrs
  •  MTTR < 2 hrs 


  • Integrated drum unloading and transfer
  • 2nd and 3rd chemical outlets
  • Storage tanks of any sizes
  •  Integrated dispense

2 - FabChem™ Batch blender

Air Liquide’s FabChem™ Batch blender dilution is a medium-volume chemical blending system suitable for standard applications such as HF (hydrogen fluoride) or NH4OH (ammonia solution) dilution. The system uses a patented weight-based blending to create the target recipe. The mix tank is mounted on a scale and the constituents are added sequentially. A pump is used to homogenize as well as to validate the batch with metrology. The batch is transferred to a daytank managed by a stand-alone chemical dispenser system. 

Technical features

  • Chemical grade :S²LSI/S³LSI
  • DI-water volume and chemical components volume measured by scale
  • The concentration of chemical components in the blend is checked by a metrology (conductivity sensors…)
  • Typical relative blend accuracy : +-1% error or lower (depending on chemical and blend ratio) 
  • Blending capacity up to 10 000 liters / day 
  • Uptime > 99,7 %
  • MTBF > 4500 hrs
  •  MTTR < 2 hrs 


  • Integrated drum unloading and transfer
  • Mixing tank of any size

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