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High voltage

To help this industry reduce its greenhouse gas emissions, the market’s main players have developed alternative insulating gas mixtures, and Air Liquide accompanies them with their distribution. These eco-friendly mixtures and the equipment required to handle them are defining the future of the gas insulated equipment market worldwide.

Based on its expertise, Air Liquide has developed a wide range of equipment that enables you to handle these gas mixtures in similar conditions to those of SF6. This broad range of products supports your needs through your gas insulation process.

Gas insulated equipment manufacturers and end users, power Transmission System Operators (TSO) and high voltage laboratories are now able to use eco-friendly gas mixtures at industrial scale with Air Liquide's innovative range of equipment to distribute them.

Our solutions

Air Liquide’s mobile unit for vaporization range is designed for the gas management of a new generation of eco-friendly dielectric gas mixtures for high voltage applications. This product line answers every need throughout the life cycle of your gas insulated equipment. You can  fill, recover, or refill high-voltage compartments using pre-mix (gas or liquid) or mixtures prepared on site, from cylinders or containers. Our equipment guarantees you to have the right concentration for your mixture, for indoor or outdoor use, whatever the climatic conditions.


  • Efficient: High flowrate and large dielectic volume management improve efficiency, productivity and safety
  • Handy-use: fully automatic operations reduce operator time

High voltage: Air Liquide's range to handle eco-friendly mixtures

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