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Workshop Gas to Gas mobile unit for vaporization

A gas handling solution for vacuum, filling and recovery tests

Air Liquide's gas to gas mobile unit for vaporization equipment is a fully automatic and mobile solution on a cart with an integrated 530L gas mixtures storage tank for conducting factory or laboratory tests (tightness, dielectrics, etc.) on gas insulted equipment.

Automatic sequences of air vacuuming, gas mixture filling or recovery can be launched. After the tests, it is possible to start a gas recovery sequence. 

The equipment works autonomously and can work simultaneously on 3 outlets, for example: 2 connections for filling and 1 connection for vacuuming. This mobile unit is a convenient gas handling solution for your workshop needs. The storage tank must be filled once using our liquid to gas or blending to gas equipment before commissioning. 


  • Time-saving
    • Fully automatic sequences
    • Automatic adjustment of the final pressures (continuous control to avoid condensation)
    • Pre-tightness tests and leak detection
  • Efficiency
    • Autotest of tightness
    • Continuous control of gas mixture integrity
    • 2 sequences can operate simultaneously on 3 connnections

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Technical features

Service location Indoor
Flow 12m3/h

25barg (maximum filling pressure)

All pressures are pre-set and the operator chooses one before the sequence, depending on the type of test and the equipment to be tested.

Maximum outlet pressure 15barg
Ambient temperature of service                                          From +10°C to +35°C
Dimensions: L x W x H (mm) 2,500 x 2,400 x 2,000
Weight 1,500kg

Compliant with CE certification and PED standard.

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