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Cart for Liquid Tank

To handle safely large gas volumes: more capacity, less cylinder handling, more safety and more efficiency

Air Liquide's Cart for Liquid Tank is designed to convert the premixed liquid to a homogeneous non-SF6 gas mixture contained in large 530 L tanks. The cart for liquid tank reduces operator time using fully automated processes to a large volume of product. Automation adds consistency while the large volume reduces the cylinder handling by a factor of 8, resulting in improved quality, efficiency and safety. Air Liquide’s proven induction heating process provides unmatched vaporization at relatively low temperatures. Only induction heating uses the tank as the heater. This provides watt densities which allow higher flow rate and improved productivity.


Cart for Liquid Tank brings safety and efficiency to the filling and recovery of your large high voltage equipment with non-SF6 gas mixtures:
it reduces by 8 times the cylinders handling operations.
  • Time-saving
    Less labor is required compared to cylinders handling

  • Efficiency
    Quality and high low is guaranteed in all conditions, fast transfer

  • Innovation
    Patented technology for high-quality gas homogenization and handling high-flow gas distribution

  • All-weather use

Technical features 

Service location Indoor/outdoor
Ambient temperature of service From -20°C to +50°C
Dimensions: L x W x H (mm) 2,000 x 1,300 x 1,100
Maximum load mass 400 kg
Heating power 2 x 3.5 kW

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