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ALIM 2 gas cabinet for specialty and inert gases

Simplified build ensures optimized pricing without compromising on safety or reliability.

The ALIM 2 gas cabinet is a fluid delivery system for specialty and inert gases allowing operators to safely manage the distribution of the most toxic, flammable, corrosive, pyrophoric, and oxidizing gases. This gas cabinet ensures overall safety, reliability, and gas purity.


The ALIM 2 gas cabinet is a fluid delivery solution for laboratories, research centers, and/or universities requiring high safety levels and reliable pure gas delivery systems.


  • Simple design to ensure safe operation
  • Manufactured with the same standards as the ultra-high-purity industry
  • The most reliable components, qualified over 40 years of experience in gas cabinet manufacturing
  • A dedicated expert team for startup, training, and maintenance
ALIM 2 Gas Cabinet 


Predefined options for different features:

  • ALIM2.1: Single side panel with manual self purge
  • ALIM2.2: Single side panel with inert gas purge inlet
  • ALIM2.3: Single side panel with inert/venturi purge, safety pneumatic valve, and safety box CEPS10
  • ALIM2.4: Single side panel with inert/venturi pneumatic purge controlled by automatic box CEPS20
  • ALIM2.5: Two ALIM2.3 for managing different, compatible gases in the same gas cabinet, controlled by one CEPS10 (or two as option)
  • ALIM2.6: Autoswitch panel with inert/venturi manual purge. The autoswitch is controlled by the automatic box CEPS20

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