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Bulk Chemical Distribution systems

FabChem™ BCD

Allowing the pure dispense of chemical fluids such as acids, bases and solvents, either via pumping or pressurizing technologies to the Points-of-Use (POUs). This wide range has been developed for all processes chemical applications in semiconductor industries, research centers, laboratories and universities, led & flat panel displays and photovoltaic industries.

Air Liquide has a complete and wide range of Bulk Chemical Distribution Systems, FabChemTM BCDS that allow the large and automatic distribution of pure chemical fluids such as acids, bases and solvents, from drums or lorries to the Points-of-Use (POUs) using pumping or pressure technologies. The Fabchem design philosophy aims to achieve high uptime and reliability through the use of multiple back-up modes.

Types of chemicals dispensed: 

  • Acids: H2SO4 (sulfuric acid), HF (hydrofluoric acid), H2O2 (hydrogen peroxide), etc.
  • Bases: NH4OH (ammonium hydroxide), Developer TMAH (Tetramethylammonium hydroxide), etc.
  • Solvents: IPA (Isopropyl alcohol), etc.

These types of chemicals are mainly used in photolithographic, cleaning and etching processes.

The chemical fluids can come from different sizes of incoming: 200-liter drums, 1,000-liters totes, up to ISO tank container.

Highly reliable continuous supply chemical distribution equipment for all process chemical applications. Depending on the expected flow rate, purity grade, availability and reliability, Air Liquide offers a range of systems from compact and cost-efficient to very reliable bulk chemical distribution systems suitable for high purity grade and high flow applications.


  • A wide and complete range from FabChem 1000 to 6000 BCDS
  • A configurable range (for all purity grades, all consumptions and all budgets)
  • A modular concept that can be adapted to your needs
  • High reliability with backup modes
  • Easy maintenance (user-friendly HMI, settings, etc.)
  • Over 25 years’ experience worldwide


We provide chemical distribution solutions to research centers, laboratories and universities, semiconductor industries, and/or photovoltaic industries.

Safety features

  • Cabinet leak detection
  • Door interlock systems
  • DIW or N2 spray guns
  • CDA-purged electrical compartment
  • FMEA analysis
  • Automatic fail-safe operation
  • Audible and visual warnings and alarms
  • Local and remote EMO

Technical features

  • System function: pumped or pressure gradient distribution. Centrifugal pump distribution for high consumption
  • Chemical purity grade: VLSI/ULSI/SLSI/S²LSI/S3LSI
  • Consumption: 1000 liters/day to more than 10,000 liters/day
  • Typical flow rate: 10 liters/minute to 50 liters/minute
  • Particle specifications: Less than 10 particles @ 0.2 μm/ml to less than 2 particles @ 0,1 μm/ml
  • Compatible with 200- to 1,000-liter drums or trucks
  • Day tank: 1,000 to 10,000 liters 
  • Uptime > 99.5 % to 99.98 %
  • MTBF > 3,500 hrs to 8,760 hrs
  • MTTR < 2 hrs 
  • No ionic added


  • Drum cabinet
  • Day tank cabinet (not for 1000)
  • Double drum
  • Particle filters
  • Redundant pumps and filters
  • Profibus DP or other communication protocols

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Discover a complete range of innovative fluid distribution equipment designed to meet the needs of the electronics industry, laboratories, and other industrial markets.

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